Your Journey

Where You Are

There’s a reason you’re here.

  • Perhaps work onsite is too much. You are failing to meet the requirements of your role. Your work is late and of mediocre quality. People tell you you should know x, y, and z, but you don’t. You don’t think you are capable of fulfilling your responsibilities, and you fear others feel the same.
  • Perhaps you feel deflated and undervalued. Despite working your socks off, you received a letter showing an unimpressive pay rise this year.
  • Perhaps your personal life is ordinarily good but has started to suffer because you have to commit so much to work. Your project is behind. You have so much work to do that you spend your weeknights and weekends at the job site. You don’t see this ending any time soon, and you miss your free time.

Where You Are Going

Through seven years of repeated reading, learning, trialing, and failing, our Founder, George, developed a set of skills, tools, and principles he is eager to share that will empower you to resolve your problems, whatever they are.

  • If you feel beneath your responsibilities, we’ll help you climb on top of them and throw a power-punch to the sky.
  • Do you feel deflated and undervalued? You’ll soon be producing so much value on your project you can demand twice the pay rise you were expecting.
  • Missing the free time you had to give up to get ahead at work? Soon you’ll know how to reclaim your free time and get farther ahead at work than you ever were.

In 2017 George moved from the UK to New Zealand. There, using his principles and practices, he rose from an average Site Manager to a thriving Project Leader in less than a year. The head of the business region referred to him as, “a rare find who will climb very high in this industry indeed.” All while enjoying the best quality of life one can imagine in arguably the most beautiful country in the world.

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