Your Guide

Hi, I’m George, the guy who has just done what you are about to do, and I’m going to show you how.

The first time you ski off-piste it’s advised you follow a guide. Someone who knows their way and can show you the best and safest path. In addition, you’ll want your chosen guide to have traversed the route recently. After all, if too much time has passed, the landscape may well have changed.

In 2013, I was where you are now with all of the same questions. Over the last eight years, I’ve found the answers and used them to develop tools and skills that took me from a low-level engineer to a Project Leader in less than two years. It’s been a painful journey along which I took many wrong turns. But I’ve since emerged, dusted myself off and am now poised to show you the best way through.

Let me be your guide.

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