What is a Whole Engineer?

To be a “whole engineer” should be thought of as a target or goal of which there are two parts (in no order):

  • To be “whole” and,
  • To be an engineer. This is not a civil, mechanical or any other engineer who commonly serves the construction industry.

The Whole

To be “whole” simply means to be mindful of the whole, the bigger picture, and not just the parts of which it consists.

Someone who is ‘whole’ lives their life consciously in ways that improve all parts that matter, save none. He/she who neglects any significant part would leave themselves incomplete. One must be whole to be truly happy. As Zig Ziglar said, “What you do off the job determines how far you go on the job. Every athlete knows that. Every entertainer knows that.” Every construction manager should know that.

The Engineer

A civil engineer applies their mastery of physical and scientific principles to develop and maintain the built environment. A whole engineer applies their mastery of the principles and practices of effectiveness to engineer their lives toward success; however, they may define it, and in every aspect they deem to matter, be it professional or personal. By mastering and applying what we teach, our clients become whole engineers.

To be whole is a journey, not a destination. It’s a process, not a state of being. It’s a road on which you want to be. To be on this journey is a choice as much as it is a choice not to be. Deciding to stay the course is more easily said than done in our industry, construction, where a well-rounded lifestyle can be challenging to form and maintain. Attempts will be met with resistance, overcoming which requires strength and tactics. At The Whole Engineer, we teach these tactics as well as specific skills and tools and help you implement them in your specific situation.

To attain the knowledge required to be a civil engineer, you attend a University. To attain the knowledge required to be a whole engineer, you come to us.

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