Join Others Just Like You!

Are you a Civil Engineer, Construction Manager or Project Manager who feels overwhelmed having to do the work of three?

Do you want to feel more in control of all the moving pieces for which you are responsible and able to direct them calmly and effectively?

Does your job demand far more than you can give without compromising other parts of your life that matters?

Are you frustrated with the accepted norms of construction work? Do you think there are different ways of working that would be easier for everyone involved?

If so, you are not alone. Come check out our mastermind groups where you’ll find people who are just like you and support one another in finding a better way.

What Is A Mastermind Group?

“Weaknesses don’t matter if you find solutions.”

-Ray Dalio

Everyone sees things differently and we all have blind spots. The best way to become aware of them is to ask others to reveal them to you.

A mastermind group will show you what you aren’t seeing. Bring to your group your biggest obstacle and they’ll; a) give you great ideas more quickly than you can think of on your own, b) give you ideas you never would have thought of and c) point out obstacles you never knew were there, and help you overcome those too.

What Is Special About This Mastermind Group?


Who is this Mastermind Group For?


Not For

If you aren’t sure if you meet the criteria but have problems with which you need help, get in touch anyway. There may be other ways we can help you.


Meeting Format

  • Mastermind groups meet monthly for six months.
  • Group size is always between seven and ten members.
  • Meetings will be held at the weekend and online using Zoom. No experience with Zoom is required.
  • Prework is required before each meeting to ensure this valuable time is a 10/10 for all members.
  • Meetings will be facilitated by George Lintern (CEO and Founder of The Whole Engineer).
  • Price includes a one time, one-on-one kickoff meeting with George.
  • An exclusive message forum will be made available to the mastermind group for communication and support between meetings.

First Group Discount!

Usually 6 installments of $375

Now 6 installments of $185!

Usually, pay in full and pay only $2,000

Now pay in full and pay only $999!


About The Facilitator

Hi, I’m George Lintern, owner of The Whole Engineer. I started my company to help fellow members of the construction industry become effective in their professional and personal pursuits. I am very excited about welcoming you to one of my mastermind groups!

Eight years of experience as a Civil Engineer showed me the construction industry is fraught with ineffective work, old ideas, and resistance to change. Those who want to be truly effective must swim against the current. I started my swim back in 2013 with tremendous results, but I had no guidance nor support. I have created these mastermind groups to provide you with the support I missed.

You are not alone. Others are doing precisely what you want to do and are keen to help you. Submit an application and let me show you.

The Masterclass

In the near future, George will launch a Masterclass he has been building for over a year now. Students will learn the essential skills and tools George has learned and developed since 2013. George attributes, to these skills and tools, his rapid ascension from an ineffective low-level engineer to highly effective Project Leader and is eager to share them so that others may experience similar growth.

Graduates of this masterclass may enter and exclusive mastermind group where they will implement what they’ve learned and emerge after six months equipped with, and trained in the use of, skills and tools that will elevate them as a truly effective member of the industry.

If you are interested in this masterclass, please follow the link below.

Learn about our masterclass program →

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