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Time Is The Keystone of Effectiveness

The moment a terminally ill patient hears their unfortunate diagnosis, what question overwhelms their thoughts with such strength and emotion that it almost bursts through their lips? Is it "how much money do I have? How much love do I have? How much energy do I have?" This all becomes secondary to the crucial question, "how much TIME do I have?" The answer to which dictates all choices thereon...

Goals – An Opportunity To Elevate Effectiveness

All the engineers in the world couldn’t put a winning bow in the hands of someone who doesn’t know where their target is. Goals (professional, personal, physical, mental, etc.), are no different from an archer’s target. Goals give you a clear purpose and focal point. Have you set any clear goals recently? How do you expect to win with nothing at which to aim?

In Construction, We Make Delicious Lemonade

The construction industry is understaffed, underfunded, highly competitive, fraught with stress, unpredictable, and highly volatile. These are our working conditions and they are harsh. Considering what we have to work with, we are doing pretty great. Life gives us lemons and we make delicious lemonade! But are we giving our clients what they want? Did they order lemonade?

Two Lengths of The Pool

Olympic swimmer Chris Cook and his team were bogged down in strategic tweaks and minutiae - their purpose was unclear. Their focus was at their feet, on what could be improved today without knowing whether or not it would breed the desired results tomorrow. With 'two lengths of the pool' as their mantra, they became laser-focused on a simple mission. In the construction industry, what is our equivalent to the "two lengths," and what are we doing about it?

One Simple Way To Heal The Construction Industry

The construction industry is in a bad way. It's a battered old ship with an ocean of opportunity ahead, but it's barely keeping afloat. We, the industry's individuals, man the oars and heave each day desperately trying to cling to an acceptable pace, but we've slipped behind. We're exhausted, and despite our calloused hands, we're late to almost every port - to no surprise either. Tardiness has become our notoriety. Does it have to be so hard? I say it doesn't, and I have an idea...

Why Construction Must Aim to be Effective, Not Efficient

I often read articles with titles such as "why is the construction industry inefficient" or "why are productivity levels so low?" These are great questions, but they're the wrong questions, and asking them has us looking in the wrong places for ways to improve. Rather than efficient, we must aim to be effective, even if it costs us efficiency. Here is why...